Jane St. James (selain) wrote,
Jane St. James

The Ones I Love, Part Zero

"I was born in 1979 without a soul. At least, that's what it seems. Yes, '79. Not sure about the soul. If souls exist. It would explain a lot."

These were my last thoughts to you, LiveJournal, scrawled in an auto-saved passage that didn't want me to forget it upon starting up this blog again. Unfinished, incomplete, yet surprisingly complete. Surprisingly final.

I've spent the past five years falling in and out of love while crawling from the depths of a sort of lunacy. Off and on lunacy, but mostly on. Something akin to magic, something akin to death, something akin to sleeping belly-up on the linoleum floor of a sopping wet washroom in an unknown bar (let's face it, the bar is probably Sneaky).

The next handful of posts will account for the past handful of years I've spent mucking-about, pulled from the pages of my diary, and their topics will most notably, most probably be...

The Ones I Love.
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