Jane St. James (selain) wrote,
Jane St. James

A Fresh Start

Angel and I got back together after nearly a month apart, with no sight nor sound from him. Once a week, I sent him a text. "Sweet dreams," which he always liked to read from me. "I hope you can see the eclipse from wherever you are." And lastly, just a simple "Hey," to which he responded with a phone call.

We talked for a half-hour and agreed to meet at our usual spot. My heart pounded as I approached, but he greeted me with a smile, and the day played out like we'd never had a blip in the first place.

"Are we all friends again?" asked our friend Kel. We raised our coffee cups in a toast to our fresh start. "Angel, you're such a fuckin' drama queen."

We've been going strong so far. How often do exes get a happy ending? I didn't think I'd be one of the lucky ones.
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