Jane St. James (selain) wrote,
Jane St. James

Wish List

This is the best idea since sliced beer! I found myself contributing before I even joined :)
The community is holiday_wishes and it rocks!

Just read the guidelines, post up to 10 wishes, and look for other people whose wishes you can grant! Oh, I always get so giddy before the seasonal depression sets in.

Okay, my list...

1. Pocket Goths These are plush toys made by my evil master Voltaire, and they can be found in claw machines all over the country (most people have found them at wal-marts and targets, but the only claw machine I've found them in was at Kmart, so far). They are the cutest things ever and they seem to only be found on ebay, in claw machines or at Voltaire's live shows. He never comes around here, so I never get the opportunity to nab one of the little guys.

2. Kelly:Shoes CD. There was no way I'd walk away from the Shoes and Text Message Break Up videos and NOT be addicted. S/he is so cool :)

3. Message plant These are the coolest things ever. They can be found somewhere among all the awesome stuff at thinkgeek.com or jlist.com. You get a can with seeds, stick the seeds in the dirt, and then it buds with a message written on the pod! SO COOL!

4. Participation in my Letter Project All "rules" and whatnot are there.

5. Corset patterns I just learned that one of my best friends knows how to make corsets of any kind, and all he needs is a pattern and supplies!

6. Lace, ribons, colourful fishnets, or anything EGL-related Any lace of any colour. And any fabric ribons as long as they're not wrapping ribbons (the kind with wired edges or the paper ones). EGL-related covers anything you've ever seen on the subject, as well as whole magazines, clippings, pictures and whatever. I'm a floozy for it :)

7. Liquid eyeliner of any colour I'll run out soon, and if I have other colours, I won't use up my black so quickly :)

8. Foreign ANYTHING. Postcards, candy (even american candy *sweet tooth*), trinkets, magazine/newspaper clippings, beads, paper...

9. Gift Certificates to just about anywhere national, but preferrably to thinkgeek.com, jlist.com, or amazon.com.

10. A nice SURPRISE maybe candy, maybe handmades, maybe fake flowers (they last longer and survive through post), maybe money (you can stop laughing now), maybe mix cds, maybe double eyelid makeup, maybe gift cards, maybe boggle, maybe a card, maybe toe-socks, maybe the Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf, maybe goggles or a gas mask, maybe kosher water sent from a spring in Israel....

Jane St. James
1454 Yellow Mills Rd.
Palmyra, NY 14522
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