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We Haven't Seen You Here In Quite Some Time

I'm going to try to write a little more often in my LiveJournal. More often than every few years or so. I don't want to abandon something which thrives on words instead of the more addicting Facebook which thrives on petty tweet-sized updates, quizzes, and game scores. So here's my day.

I ran into two friends over in the KPC. I had been trying and trying to get breakfast but kept getting distracted (an easy thing to happen in Kensington Market, though most of mine happened at home). Finally, I arrived at Kensington Cafe and as I stepped foot in front of the door, these two friends came up to me in unnecessary excitement. Jesse, of whom I was less fond than Brenda, confessed that I made an appearance in her dream last night. I had all the answers, she said, to which I amusingly replied, "I often do." And she wastefully cheered on about how crazy the dream was and how she'd run into me just now, and finally, she calmed down long enough to expect another reply from me, which I obliged. "I, on the other hand, dreamed last night that I went to a whore-house." I meant to say 'brothel' but the word wouldn't come to me. I do love that name better than its more descriptive sister. My statement was followed by the most uncomfortable silence, made more awkward by the guttural noises coming from my dumbfounded friends, who said goodbye upon deciding they had no other way to respond. At last, I sat down to my delicious scrambled eggs and fried tomato. And mid-savor, I was met by James and Omah. I told them all about the dream sequence. My ability to render Jesse speechless astounded Omah. Apparently, no one has ever done this. James summed up the whole experience perfectly, though: "You make awkward classy."
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